Our high-density polyethylene corrugated plastic board is strong, durable and flexible. You’ll find that it’s also an environmentally friendly solution because it’s reusable, recycled, and recyclable. The cost savings you’ll experience over the product’s life cycle are significant and perhaps the ultimate advantage of relying on Diversiplast solutions. Learn how.

Learn the value of laminate.

Our proprietary laminated corrugated plastic is fabricated using a co-extrusion process. This allows three distinct layers of material to come together and form a substrate that is unmatched in its surface crush rate. Both the weight and strength work to protect your most valuable inventory. And the laminate is rollable for highly specialized protection applications such as cable reel wrap. Further, because there are three separate layers that make up the laminate, up to three separated colors can be used; the external liners and internal flute all can be different colors.